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What sets FinanceTek Global apart is our comprehensive service which ensures that every aspect of your next project is completed professionally and on time. In addition, our company maintains close partnership relations with meticulously selected experts in their field of world renown, offering our customers the best technical and economic offer on the market.


is to be part of the development of emerging countries and look forward to working with you on your next project.

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Funding of State projects

Innovative financing mechanisms have become, over the past decade, important issues in international negotiations on environment and development. 

These mechanisms are most often intended to raise public or private funding complementary to official development assistance, while helping to correct market failures. Financetek Global aims to use the financial methods of high finance to finance economic and social development without creating debt, mainly by using a Sovereign Guarantee as collateral for the sole purpose of generating the financial resources essential for the realization of projects. of development. Our vision is to contribute to the development of emerging countries.


1. Large-scale project financing

We have the skills, the network and close international technical and financial partners necessary to support any large government project or business project, from the idea stage to the stage of the first dividend distributions.



No investment necessary for Governments!
Creation of new financial resources for Governments


For all government projects relating to the implementation of our innovative systems and solutions, the Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the preferred business model of FinanceTek Global.

While national budgets are limited and expenditures require arbitration, thanks to our PPP (Public Private Partnership) approach, we set up tailor-made financial engineering and we provide flexibility and new resources to Governments, which are thus able to cope with more social priorities.


Main advantages for GOVERNMENTS:




2-Innovative secure technologies

Today, we offer and apply the highest standards in the creation, development and integration of cutting-edge technology that is secure for governments around the world. Together, we deploy complex solutions that make borders more secure, secure any documents, protect brands and products, and generate revenue for governments.


We provide border control systems and solutions that will help you better manage entry and exit points efficiently, communicate easily with external systems, take advantage of real-time data and benefit from a state-of-the-art security system. We will help you implement the surveillance and control tools that facilitate rapid passage at air, land and sea borders, while ensuring the verification of identity documents and the storage of data associated with arrivals and departures.


Our effective border control solutions strike the right balance between detecting unwanted travelers and providing a warm welcome to tourists, business travelers and returning nationals. It is a combination of these three factors: constantly evolving technology, the use of sophisticated techniques to respond to security threats, and the ability to effectively identify trusted travelers.

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We Offer

A long-term partnership

Our continual innovation is driven by technological advancements, operational demands and ever-increasing security threats. Our clients rely on our thoroughness to go beyond the already high standards we set together before launching a new system or document. What begins with the implementation of a complex project becomes a valuable partnership that offers secure and innovative solutions.

b) Electronic Travel Authorization System (eTA)

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement for visa- exempt foreigners traveling to a country by air and land. It allows a country's authorities to have even more information about people long before they arrive on their soil. This is a document electronically linked to a traveller's passport or other identification documents and valid for a period of (3) three or six (6) months. After this period you must also obtain a new eTA.


A valid eTA allows you to travel to a country as often as you like for short stays (usually for a maximum of six months at a time).

c) Electronic Visa Solutions (eVisa)

The electronic visa (eVisa) represents a new trend in secure travel document: it is a fully digital solution that replaces the traditional paper-based visa. Travelers apply for a visa electronically and, once accepted, the visa is therefore digitally registered in the traveller's passport in the system. When the passport is scanned at a point of entry into the country, the visa appears on the screen. This streamlined, easy-to- access system encourages tourism and business travel, and is designed to make arriving in a country easier. It also has the advantage of being ultra-secure, extremely difficult to tamper with, and allows data management and tracking. It is therefore no longer necessary to go to the embassy to apply because you can now apply from your computer at home.

d) Innovative secure biometric identification technology

We have new technology for more secure biometric identification including very high protection of your private data; with the 3D image of your fingers, our sensors and software construct a scan of the vein of your fingers that will allow you to identify yourself later.

The novelty of the innovation is the application of 3D technology to finger vein recognition to solve current biometric security issues in the healthcare industry while ensuring user privacy and providing control over 'access as a key market application.

Our technology guarantees the confidentiality of the data processed and meets the requirements of the most demanding customers such as banks, airports, hospitals (for individuals or patients), governments or non-governmental organizations.

e) Document security, brand and product protection solutions

Illicit trade and unsafe practices pose significant risks and threats to governments and citizens. FinanceTek Global provides manufacturers and governments with solutions to control and drastically reduce the risks associated with: authentication, identification, secure traceability and trusted third-party infrastructures.

FinanceTek Global can deploy its solutions with the largest global groups in all geographic areas and in all business sectors sensitive to illicit trade: alcohol, tobacco, wines, medicines, cosmetics, electronics, spare parts, food processing, luxury goods ...

FinanceTek Global provides complete turnkey traceability solutions. Identification and traceability of documents, fiscal stamps, stickers, licenses etc. LSV Global ensures the generation of the various identifications, the management of the marking and control devices.

Unit traceability makes it possible to track documents or labels. Depending on the needs, authentication, visible and / or invisible private identification, consumer applications can be associated and make it possible to fight against counterfeits and illegal practices.

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3. Advice and Support

We offer support and advice to international or national companies to facilitate their transition to emerging markets.


For each advisory and support mission, FinanceTek Global strives to foster dialogue in transparency, to enrich the debate of ideas through expertise and the search for constructive solutions, to take stakeholders into account and to put enhancing the economic and social utility of its customers.


Defending private interests while respecting the general interest requires a perfect mastery of the functioning of public policies as well as a strong capacity to mobilize the actors, decision-makers and key connectors.


FinanceTek Global & Consulting and Support program indeed involves significant preparatory work that must create value for your business.

Any Consulting and Support assignment begins with the development of an X-ray of the legislative, economic and social environment of the company.

We then map the target structures and key decision makers in the country. We identify all the stakeholders and their influencing actions on the decision-making process.

We then work hand in hand on your communication strategy. It is a question of identifying the elements of language suitable for triggering the almost immediate and lasting appropriation of the message.