The work you do changes your country for the better. It instills national pride, contributes to the advancement of security, inspires confidence, and promotes future investments. Faced with such high stakes, you will need not a good partner to achieve your goals, but a great partner who will allow you to go beyond the goals you set for yourself. Our work is founded on the ingenuity emanating from our technological expertise, our partnerships and our knowledge of the world. Lets work together!

Ethics and compliance

FINANCETEK Global's fundamental ethical values ​​are described in 4 chapters:
1. Integrity and ethics
  • We act with honesty, fairness and good faith.

  • We do what we say and keep our promises.

  • We deliver our services in accordance with established contracts and defined actions.

  • We follow established policies and procedures while improving them.

  • We respect the confidentiality of business and personal data.

  • We respect and apply professional standards, local and international ethics of our

  • activities.

  • We inform and train our teams on occupational health and safety rules.

  • We respect our obligations and responsibilities in terms of health and safety.

2. Respect for all individuals
  • We treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

  • We always integrate the impact of our actions on others.

  • We recognize and value individual contribution, and we give precise and regular

  • feedback on our individual performance.

  • We respect differences and treat everyone without discrimination based on

  • nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, religious and political beliefs.

  • LSV Global has a non-discriminatory employment policy.

3. Impartiality and independence
  • We provide unbiased and unbiased professional advice.

  • Our opinions and proposals are the exact reflection of our analyzes and conclusions
    undertaken in accordance with our best practices.

4. Social and environmental responsibility

We all respect the community, the people and the environment in which we live and work, and we always consider the impact of our actions.
One of our priorities is to maximize the local content of our projects and to create added value locally.
(The detailed FinanceTek Global Code of Ethics and Compliance is available on request).